Business Mastery Course

Smart way to propel your career to the next level

Welcome to the Management & Business Mastery course. The perfect way to increase your job readiness, advance your job skills, boost your effectiveness and increase your value in the work force. This course is designed to help you boost personal productivity, help you develop soft & essential skills as well as give you real world business and management training.

$10,000 Per Single Student | $8800 For 2 Or More Students.

This course as been specifically designed to help you improve personal effectiveness and increase your value as an employee in today’s competitive market place. In this course you will learn essential skills like:

• Time Management – Increasing productivity
• Personal Goal Setting & Tracking
• Maximize resources to be more effective on the job
• Accountability & Measurement
• Strategic Planning
• Leadership & Motivation
• Organizing to win
• Hiring the best talent

What To Expect

Throughout the course you will receive questions and exercises to complete. These exercises are designed to help you uncover new patterns of thinking and ideas you can implement right away in your career or business.

Each week you will need to show you have completed the items and there will be a brief discussion week to week to go over what you learned and how you will be implementing your findings.

Delivery & Evaluation

This course is administered in 12 modules taught 1 month at a time. They require you attend 10 hours of instruction per month. Each month you will also be taught by industry leading guest instructors.

You will be asked to complete a 88 question evaluation on topics you have learned. You will also be interviewed before and after the course. You will be provided with feedback on your progression.


You will be able to implement what you learn on a monthly basis immediately. You will also be held accountable to ensure what you are learning is being put into practice.

At the end of the course you will be required to fill out one final question set on the course content and how you have implemented what you have learned in your career. You will be provided with feedback on how to move forward after this training and beyond.


This course is designed to be completed within 12 months. Some students maybe be able to complete it faster. The first two months require 8 hours of class room training, the remaining 10 months require 10 hours of class room instruction.

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