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Vue Media is a full service advertising agency specializing in crafting advertising campaigns around brands. We capture audiences, generate millions of dollars for our clients & aim to have the most effective campaigns in the business. Sound like what you are trying to do as well? We should work together. The basis of our existence is influence. We aim to influence buyers, sellers, shoppers, browsers and everyone in between. Why? Because influence creates forward progress, and forward progress means growth.

Client Advertising Case Studies

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is a brand that is globally recognized and the symbol of ultimate luxury.  Working closely with dealers in California we wanted to increase both brand and model advertising to drive sales, directly and indirectly. We wanted to increase the number of views on dealer videos, and track where buyers were the most engaged with the brand. We followed the strategy set by national campaigns and decided to do a Google Adwords media buy & implement google analytics to track acquisition of leads. We continue to achieve results that drive more qualified buyers to dealerships.


Working with a globally recognized brand presents complexities that need to be simplified to drive sales. Working closely with multiple dealers we have developed a formula for driving leads, increased test drives and increased turnover of inventory at mind blowing rates. Using a winning media buying formula we generated sales in the millions for multiple west coast dealers in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon & California

Mazda Motor Corporation

Mazda’s signature design sets it vehicles almost instantly.  Working closely with a our analytics strategists we took a page from the national advertising campaign and decided to use affinity segments on mobile, video and desktop. Affinity segments helped us move beyond demographics, they allowed us to reach people that actually cared about Mazda. Essentially Affinity Segments consist of aggregated users who have demonstrated a qualified interest in a particular topic.